Cavity Wall Insulation

A cavity wall usually consists of two leafs of bricks or blocks with a space between them. If your home was built before the mid-1980s with cavity walls it may not contain any insulation or maybe not be insulated to sufficient levels. If your home has cavity walls we can inject insulation to fill the cavity.

The Solution:

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Walltite CL100 is a Closed Cell Insulation is the airtight insulation solution.

Walltite CL 100 features and benefits:

  • Low Thermal conductivity
  • Adds strurctural strength prolonging the life of the building
  • A seamless airtight solution with no joints or gaps
  • Fast an easy application with no waste
  • Will not settle or sag and lasts the lifetime of the building
  • Walltite CL100 is the certified spray foam insulation with Class 1 FIRE RATING

The Application:

12mm holes are drilled through mortar joints if possible following a specified drill pattern with holes typically drilled 650mm horizontally and 450mm vertically . The drill pattern is modified around windows, doors ventilators and eaves. Injection of the WALLTITE liquid commences on a horizontal front ensuring that no holes are missed by placing indicator sticks in each injection point. The liquid foam slowly reacts within the cavity to form a closed cell, water resistant polyurethane insulation. This work will be carried out in“bands” around the building from ground floor level upwards. Upon completion all drill holes will be made good to match the existing wall finish as closely as possible

Masonary Cavity Wall

Dry lining / Internal Insulation

Most houses built before 1918 have solid walls insulation can added to the inside or your walls. Up to 30% of heat in your home can be lost through the walls. Up to 30% of heat in your home can be lost through the walls. Your walls have the greatest exposure to the elements. Improving the performance of your insulation will make long tern savings,

The Solution:

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WALLTITE can be applied directly onto a solid masonary wall between timber studs without the need for traditional adhesion promoters or mechanical fixings. This method is well suited to refurbishment projects.

The Applications:

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Refurbished masonary wall (Timber Frame)

Refurbished masonary wall (steel stud)

Timber Frame

The Solution:

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FOAM-LOK provides a sealed thermal and airtight building envelope heat loss and creating a comfortable healthier indoor environment.

Foam Insulation expands to fill all voids creating a sealed thermal and airtight envelope. The application of spray foam creates a highly effective seal against air leakage, the number one source of energy loss in a structure. In addition to improving durability, indoor air quality and comfort, spray foam insulation when paired with other responsible materials can reduce heating costs by 30-50% compared to traditional insulations, reducing the burning of fossil fuels and lowering CO2 emissions.

The Application:

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