Insulating a Commercial or Agricultural building

The Solution:

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Walltite CL100 is a Closed Cell Insulation is the airtight insulation solution

Walltite CL 100 features and benefits:

    • Low Thermal conductivity
    • Adds strurctural strength prolonging the life of the building
    • A seamless airtight solution with no joints or gaps
    • Fast an easy application with no waste
    • Will not settle or sag and lasts the lifetime of the building
    • Walltite CL100 is the certified spray foam insulation with Class 1 FIRE RATIN

WALLTITE sprayed directly onto the internal surface Walltite spray foam insulation can remove condensation problems entirely. WALLTITE is sprayed over the entire internal surface area at a depth to suit your requirements.

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Walltite CL100 Spray foam insulation is an ideal solution for condensation control and preventation when sprayed directly to metal roofs and walls. Because it is spray-applied, the insulation will mould itself to any contour or uneven surface and as it bonds directly to the surface the problem of condensation is eliminated completely. WALLTITE can be applied to varying depth depending upon the level of thermal insulation required.

On metal roofs condensation can cause damage to stock, false ceilings and the building environment, installing spray foam insulation will completely can solve this problem and any future condensation issues. and prevent any future condensation issues arising.

Lyons Insulations can professionally install spray-foam insulation to seal your business from outside heat, cold, moisture, mildew, mould, and pests. Commercial and industrial buildings can be easily insulated using Walltite CL100 resulting in minimum disruption for your work place with spray foam insulation than virtually any other method of insulation, meaning minimum disruption to your workplace..

Types of suitable applications:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Agricultural and Industrial buildings
  • Cold Storage facilities
  • Large and small metal sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Boats

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